Blood cancer patients now have a trusted alternative to Dr Google

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A free online service provides expert advice and personalised support, 24/7.

A free online information and support service platform for blood cancer patients and carers launched this month.

Created by the Leukemia Foundation, the platform gives patients access to accurate information about their symptoms and answers to FAQs that they can trust.

Blood cancer diagnosis and treatment is an overwhelming time for patients and loved ones, but the Leukemia Foundation believes that providing evidence-based information, fully optimised for any device, will help combat the isolation and anxiety often felt by patients.

The platform currently consists of six learning modules on topics such as emotional resilience, understanding and managing fatigue, financial and legal questions, side-effects, transition to a new normal, and return to work. Created by experts in their field, the modules answer commonly asked questions from patients and their caregivers, with the aim of enabling patients to become active participants in managing their own health and make informed decisions about their care.

The platform was designed to be easy to use, provide simple, digestible information in a variety of mediums, give unlimited access at no cost, and improve the wellbeing of users.

CEO Chris Tanti explained that doctors can refer their patients to this service and be assured that they are receiving timely, accurate and comprehensive information to support them through their journey.

“For many blood cancer patients, their disease is chronic and often unseen, which can result in feelings of isolation, loneliness, and anxiety. Through the new online blood cancer support service platform, people can read, watch, or listen to information at their preferred time or location, as they navigate the complex challenges of a blood cancer diagnosis.” 

A large part of the platform is the “personalised energy coach”. This tool will help patients understand what they’re feeling day-to-day and why, suggest ways to help manage their symptoms and overall wellbeing, and, most importantly, be there for them 24 hours a day.

Users also have access to live chat with Leukemia Foundation health professionals and a guide to the services available in their local area.

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