About Us

Everyone in the cancer community has exactly the same objectives – to fight cancer and to win. But the community isn’t always as connected as it could be.

Oncology Republic wants to get different groups talking to each other. And not just about the promising developments. We want to dive into the controversial topics – the uncomfortable realities that all oncologists experience but no one ever talks about. 

Our editorial vision has been crafted through conversations with oncologists with a range of special interests, as well as researchers, funders, patients and cancer clinics and advocacy bodies.

Things are changing in cancer, change is hard, and we’d like to help. Sometimes that help is by poking and prodding in places people would prefer we wouldn’t. But that’s how things change sometimes. 

We have a mobile-first digital platform, a fortnightly e-newsletter and a podcast. 

We still believe in the utility of print –  if it’s done the right way. And, obviously, that’s not the way it has been done for the last 30 years or so. Hence our quarterly paper (I was careful not to say ‘news’ at the front of ‘paper’). It’s friendly, forward thinking and funnily enough it does a bit of news.

The thing is, we are going to try to push your thinking, inform and educate about how you might take maximum advantage of the digital age – the way it should be.

That’s a lot to try so we’ll need your help.

Please get involved.

Any ideas to jeremy@medicalrepublic.com.au 

Or call Jeremy on 0405 128 867

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