Without data, healthcare is a game of chance

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What happens when a GP turns into a data analyst? Fewer ‘unlucky’ patients and a bridge across the equity gap.

Dr David Dembo says that data is full of signals that can help transform healthcare.  

That data might be a fluctuating heart rate, or the fact a teenager is listening to Barry Manilow – it all has a story to tell, we just need to listen.  

A former GP, Dr Dembo now heads up Health Catalyst Australia and New Zealand. In this episode of The Tea Room he speaks about how to use patient engagement tools, such as automated communication and remote monitoring, in a non-invasive way to augment care and maintain visibility before, during and after treatment periods.  

“Modern medicine is far too complex for humans unaided by technology to practise safely. That means you need data-informed decision-making at the point of care delivery. And the data is there, it just needs to be aggregated, read, cleansed and repurposed in a meaningful way,” Dr Dembo said. 

He says that clinicians and healthcare managers have tools at their disposal to optimise patient experiences, no matter who or where the patients are. 

You can listen and subscribe to the show by searching for “The Tea Room Medical Republic” in your favourite podcast player.

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