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The Ovarian Cancer Symposium 2021 is being hosted virtually in mid-June.

The Ovarian Cancer Symposium 2021 hosted by Ovarian Cancer Australia will be held virtually from 15-25thJune. 

Registration is free and available online now.

Who is this event for?

Gynaecological oncologists, medical oncologists, researchers, oncologists in training, gynaecological nurse consultants, genetic counsellors

Why would Australian oncologists be interested in attending this event?

Ovarian Cancer Australia is bringing together leading Australian and international researchers, clinicians and industry representatives for a virtual independent ovarian cancer symposium for health professionals. This is your opportunity to find out about the latest developments and advances in the rapidly evolving field of ovarian cancer research and treatment.

Speaker spotlight

Dr Elise Kohn, MD CAPT, USPHS, Fellow AAAS

Head, Gynecologic and Neuroendocrine Cancer Therapeutics. Clinical Investigations Branch, Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program, National Cancer Institute 

Q: What are you covering in your talk?

A: Not your average DNA damage: leveraging underlying DNA repair dysfunction for benefit. 

Q: Why would doctors find your presentation interesting?

A: We understand that of the different types of ovarian cancer, many are diseases of dysregulated DNA repair. 

This stems from underlying genomic alterations, either by secondary chromosomal instability or mutation, and leads to unique susceptibilities that we are continuing to uncover.  

First, we understood the therapeutic “value” of germline and somatic mutations in BRCA1 and 2.  

Now, we recognize the effects of the near ubiquitous mutations in p53 in altering DNA repair capacity.  

We advance that by recognising that DNA damage repair happens mostly in G1/S and see the role of the newly appreciated targets of deoxynucleotide balance and replication fork stabilisation.  

Progress continues in deconvoluting the pertinent DNA repair pathways leading to new considerations in combination therapies to test vulnerabilities in that knowledge. Together, we merge science and clinical opportunities to advance treatment options for women with ovarian cancers.

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